Awnings – Pergolas – Shading Systems

Our proposals are destined to be your awnings. We keep up with the trends, we have the top products, and we care to provide to your home with top design, modern appearance, and great performance shading systems.

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Tentomakedoniki Karantonas

A leading company, TENTOMAKEDONIKI KARANTONAS is focused to shading homes and stores. With 60 years of tradition in pioneering, from day one we provide and install awnings and pergolas of all kinds. We are the partner-of-choice for Shading, Protection and Automation for every home, hotel, store, business, all over Greece.

What we do

Our expertise

We select top products, come up with the ideal solution, design a tailor-made awning system, and install it with perfection. Offering much more than just shading, we add a favorite spot in your home and the chance to enjoy more your life-at-home.

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Awnings are much more than just shade. They are advanced technology systems that add Space to your Life and Value to your Space.

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If you have a yard or a verandah, then you have a new “home”. A pergola is a room with a view, a garden home to live your moments every day of every season.

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Smart Shading

The advanced "Technology of Shade" provides smart shading solutions. The combination of modern design and practical values, makes the most out of every available square centimeter of your space.

Tentomakedoniki Karantonas

Shadowed by KARANTONAS

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, beach bars, wine bars, stores, shops, homes and villas, all are in need of awnings or pergolas that are selected, installed and quaranteed by TENTOMAKEDONIKI KARANTONAS. Your available space deserves to be “Shaded by KARANTONAS”.

Let us meet your demands

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To prepare our proposal, we need some information - your city, the available area dimensions, the use (home, store, and shop), the possible accessories – automations, LED spots and lines, remote controls, sensors, or more….

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