Tentomakedoniki Karantonas

Cassette awnings

Cassette awnings have all-round protection. Cover and arm mechanism rest in a closed cassette when retracted. Cassette is a slim and elegant box, fixed in the wall or attached to a pergola.

Cover and arms are extracted very fast and quietly, either manually or driven by a motor. Cover is steadily secured on the side bars or folding arms.

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Semi-cassette awnings

In case of the semi-cassette awnings, cover and roller are protected by an encompassing coverboard. The awnings are open at the bottom. Cover protection and total appearance are the criteria for choosing cassette or semi-cassette awnings.

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Open Folding-Arm Awnings

Open awnings present cover and technology without all-round protection. They are mainly used for installations under overhanging roofs or in reveals. The open solution is usually preferred for their great performance and low-cost basic version.

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Vertical awnings

Vertical awnings are installed against the wall or in reveals, internally or externally. The cover moves vertically offering great protection from direct sunlight, perfect light management, and privacy.

Vertical awnings are ideal for windows and large glass openings, are made-to measure, and have great durability and functionality.

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For patios, verandahs and glass homes

A verandah can be an optional extra room, “build” with horizontal and vertical awnings. A combination of awnings can also cover and protect a permanent construction outdoors, usually attached to the main building.

In case of a glass room, awnings not only offer protection and sunlight management but also reveal the architectural design by attracting all eyes to the roof.

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Free-standing awnings

Free-standing awnings are light and easy to carry for use at open spaces. For permanent shading, i.e. by the pool, there is the state-of-art Planet awning system by markilux, a multi-awarded awning system of excellent design and top functionality.

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City apartments, house with garden, cottage


Shops, stores and malls, where awnings are more than necessary


Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, dinner rooms serving customers at the open

Τέντα markilux MX-3

How to select the ideal awning

Making the ideal selection is a three steps procedure.

  • Step one, select your awning partner, a specialized company with great experience, extended know-how and excellent record.
  • Step two, check the proposed awnings, make lots of questions and make the right choice depending on the available space and your specific needs.
  • Step three, select the awning fabric and the necessary accessories – automations, sensors, remote controls, LED spots and lines, heaters.

To select a partner is the easy part. There are many companies around, but there will be only a few if you evaluate them having in mind that an awning system is a serious purchase. It’s not only the significant cost but also the fact that you have great expectations by your awning for the many years to come.

To select the right awning system, TENTOMAKEDONIKI KARANTONAS has a quite efficient method to come up with the right proposals.

Having in mind that the ideal shading solution depends on the available space and the activities that take place there, we take under consideration the area, the surroundings, the orientation, the wind flow, the relative position of the buildings. In addition, we take into account the general weather conditions, seasonality, the hours of the day and the activities under the awnings, the specific needs for comfort, functionality and endurance. Therefore, our proposition meets your demands, within your budget. We guarantee the excellent installation and after-sales service of the system. At this point, right choice is quite easy.

Are you interested in an awning?

Are you interested in an awning?

Are you interested in an awning?