Awnings – Pergolas – Shading Systems

Additional Equipment

Built-in LED lighting

An awning system creates an outdoor living room where people enjoy their moments at night, even on cloudy or rainy days, when natural light is low or absent.

LED bars and strips can be placed everywhere, on the panel, the cassette, the counterweight, with the wiring hidden inside the system frame. LED bars and strips offers the level of lighting required, depending on your mood and your activities. Discreet lighting when you want to dine in peace, bright lighting when you enjoy your company or have a garden party.

Οι μπάρες και ταινίες LED τοποθετούνται παντού, στο πάνελ, την κασέτα, το αντίβαρο, με την καλωδίωση να είναι κρυμμένη μέσα στο σκελετό του συστήματος. Εξασφαλίζουν σωστό φωτισμό και δημιουργούν ένα αισθητικά άρτιο περιβάλλον.

Light / Rain / Wind Intensity Sensors

An intelligent awning system is perfectly and instantly adapted to new conditions, if it is equipped with light, rain and wind sensors. Environment conditions are recognised, automations are activated, and the shading fabric spreads or shrinks, the lights turn on or off, without any human intervention.

Incredibly stylish, discreet and extremely accurate sensors can constantly monitor the conditions and activate the respective systems according to the pre-defined commands. They are a key element in maximizing the functionality of the system and are also a precautionary factor when you are away from home and a sudden storm may cause damage at your awnings.

In professional applications, the automatic adaptation of the shading system always makes great impression to the customers and highlights the business' mood to always offer the best.

Built-in heating system

The temperature outdoors depends on the season and the location of your home - even in summer, night may be cold at the mountains. And yet, a shading system creates a living room where you can enjoy moments in every hour of the day, every season of the year.

Markilux outdoor heaters are a perfect solution. They are small in dimensions, extremely elegant and stylish, incredibly efficient, absolutely safe and are discreetly placed in the appropriate parts of the frame.

Markilux outdoor heaters are an ideal solution for stores and businesses- just think of the poor impression given by gas heaters among tables at a restaurant...

Shadeplus / add-on vertical shading system

Shadeplus is a vertical shading system, specially designed to adapt to the counterweight - the front horizontal bar - of a markilux shading system.

Depending on the orientation of the balcony or verandah, shadeplus is necessary in the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is relatively low on the horizon. It offers protection from annoying direct sunlight and total control over external lighting under the system or in the house interior.

Plus, all hours of the day and night, it protects you from prying eyes.
Shadeplus can be fixed or adjustable, manual or remote controlled, with a more opaque or perforated shading fabric, in the same or complementary color to the basic shading fabric.

Total remote control and programming

SOMFY's Connexoon / Tahoma io are complete programming and remote control applications, fully customised. They give you direct supervision and complete control over all shading, lighting and heating systems via your mobile or tablet. Many more operations of your home or business can also be linked to the applications, including activation of the alarm system - and the coffee maker.

Connexoon is ideal for equipment in selected product categories and for those who want to immediately enjoy the benefits of remote management.
TaHoma is ideal for those who want to invest in the long run, gradually "building" the smart home with new products that will be managed through a single and integrated application.